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Wow. Finally. My butt’s on a chair. Our laundry is finally getting a whirl in the machine. It’s been a draining weekend. We moved all of our stuff this weekend, and then I mean the larger objects, both his and mine from our old places. In his case, about twenty boxes, his costumes, a large cabinet and table. In my case, my washing machine, which had to be carried down two flights of narrow stairs. We rented a private bus to stack everything and drove to our new apartment.

Now. As luck will have it, there’s always something going slightly wrong with moving. It seems universal. Up till now, everything went quite smooth. Only the IKEA order via their website got mixed up, but they fixed it quick enough. A small hick-up was all. Until last Saturday. When we arrived with a truckload of stuff and found out the elevator was broken. We called every possible phone number, and to our relief, a handyman appeared quite soon. We were hopeful. To no avail. He couldn’t figure it out.

It was clear he wanted to go home and wasn’t planning on helping us in any way. When he left, we were left with a truck full of stuff that had to go to the fifth floor and a rented truck which had to be returned in an hour. Holy crap. I almost cried. What were we to do? Thankfully, we got a hold on ourselves and got practical. First, we told the news to our tired friends. We decided we could leave the table, the washing machine and the large cabinet in the entree of the apartment building. They would be dry, and hard to steal because of their weight.

But then, we also had all those boxes filled with the tons of board games my sweet owns. And all the Star Wars costumes, which are quite expensive. We couldn’t leave them downstairs. So there was only one thing to do. Position ourselves on each floor and, like those cute handlers in Settlers II, transport boxes from floor to floor, person to person. Thankfully, a passing neighbor offered to help us. His bright efficiency gave us a little more courage to press on. Turns out he’s quite the muscle. An elderly lady offered sympathy. A little compassion goes a long way, and it helped us to stop wondering or feeling pissed about the situation, and just solve it as best we could.

After an hour or so, everything was loaded in the apartment, apart from the furniture and the washing machine. I couldn’t believe we lifted everything to the fifth floor. I still can’t, haha! Our friends where champs, and the help of our neighbour restored my faith in humanity. I can’t thank them enough!

It was only yesterday afternoon the elevator was finally fixed. By then, we had to leave for my mum’s birthday. Afterwards, we took my brother with us and one of our champs came over one more time to lift everything into the house. When all was finally in, I almost toppled over of exhaustion. Darn, moving takes it toll! But I am so happy everything is in place, how gorgeous everything looks and so grateful for our friends, family and my sweet for being there.

To relax, we had to watch Fungfury. A good way to unwind. If you haven’t seen it, it’s the weirdest but best tribute to the ’80 known to man. Go view it!

Funny. This was supposed to be a short little post but here I go again. Rambling! As I said, finally I’m sitting down again. Cleaning the apartment, doing all the build-up laundry and making the place more ready for us to settle in. I’m tired yes. But so, so grateful!

Now, the only things we really still need are some dining chairs. But that will happen soon enough. First, relaxation. Some Star Wars watching and beer drinking. Bahh.. make that herbal tea. For now. And sleeping. Lots and lots of sleeping.

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