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“Our life is frittered away by detail. Simplify, simplify, simplify.” Thoreau – via Isabel LosadaBij het opruimen van mijn blog kwam ik dit bericht tegen en bedacht me hoe fijn ik dat lijstje altijd vond. Nu met de lente in aantocht en iedereen in een opruim-spirit (denk ik dan) leek het me wel toepasselijk om weer eens te delen: De Efficiancy Checklist van Isabel Losada!

​Een lijstje om je leven overzichtelijk te houden, en even een bezem door je leven heen te kunnen halen wanneer alles weer eens een chaotische bende geworden is.

1. Clean my entire living space top to bottom.
2. Clean my entire work space top to bottom.
3. Clean my cars or car (if I have one) inside and out, service. Service my bike or roller blades. Sole and heel all my shoes.
4. Get up to date on all correspondence, both business and personal.
5. Throw out or give way anything that I do not use.
6. Get rid of or fix anything broken.
7. Return anything borrowed.
8. Get back anything on loan.
9. Check balances of bank accounts and find a way to always know what’s in them if you don’t already.
10. Get up to date on all bills. Pay all possible debts.
11. Organise and update all personal records and files including email lists etc.
12. Get up to date on all tax information and pay back taxes.
13. Find a fun way to get your body into shape and keep it that way. (They say that 80% of depression can be cured by exercise alone.)
14. Get up to date with health including doctors (scans etc) dentist, optician, chiropodist, diet etc.
15. Give away any clothes I don’t wear – Especially anything that you never liked in the first place. Complete basic wardrobe including belts – jewellery etc. Have all clothes that you love clean, mended and ready to wear.
16. Books! Yes I’m serious! (Scan the shelves for 2nd rate books – books that you didn’t enjoy and / or know that you will never read again. Take them to the charity shop to make room for those you really love.
17. Schedule into your diary PLAY or whatever you understand as play or however you choose to interpret that.

Een praktisch lijstje om je leven te versimpelen. Succes!

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