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Take a few moments today, dear friend, to really explore the labels that others may use to define you, or even that you may use to define yourself. Then try to be open to letting those labels go and see what happens. You see, brilliant soul, that when we decide that we are “smart” or “dumb” or “success” or “failure” or “funny” or “boring”. It can create a self-made trap that MUST be self-released.

Even labels that may seem “good” can actually trap us. What if one day you decided that you wanted to be known for more than being the funny one, or the smart one or the organized one. What if you were ready to just be YOU and nothing else, but then those labels have such a stronghold on you that you think you have to use them to make every decision for the rest of your life.

Here’s a permission slip, friend, to drop EVERY SINGLE LABEL except the one that says that you are a SOUL, a beautiful beautiful just-right soul. Everything else is just clothes to try out, experiences to have and lessons to learn. Let it go and just be you, ok?

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