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Actually, the place felt good the first time we visited it, while the current occupants gave us a tour. The light, the feeling of being at the top floor of the building, overseeing the world – and mainly the park below – and all the space, all add to a gigantic sense of peace and comfort. We feel like lucky bastards every time we look around the house.

It’s great to notice my love and I both are quick decision makers, which helped us decorate the place in a quick and fun way. No hours deliberating will we buy A or B.. No need. We both have a good eye for what works (for us) and what doesn’t and act upon that, the interior of our house is a reflection of this. We decorate and furbish just as easily as we travel and journey together. It’s such a treat to discover our synchronicity! Even though we already knew this, it’s another adventure that proves it to us..

Yesterday, our couch and bed arrived. From IKEA, so me and a friend of us used our muscles and brain (needed to figure out all those IKEA manuals) to get everything in to place. It costs us the entire afternoon and my muscles still ache from the assembling, the crouching and lifting. But it’s worth every drop of blood, sweat and tears. Plus. No need for the gym!

I am tired but I keep pushing on. It’s amazing how far you can push yourself when you are really determent to finish a project you care about, as my love demonstrated by fiddling with a lamp at midnight. He just had to get it done, and I get that. It’s all worth the investment, even though we’re tired as hell.

So I will continue unpacking, organizing and cleaning our home for now. This weekend, we will empty Rick’s home as well. Getting everything together. Hoping all his 200+ board games will fit 😉 but we’re confident! I’ll post some more pictures later, but above’s a small peek into our new apartment!

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