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​No, we’re not moving a house. We haven’t got a moving house either. But we are going to MOVE HOUSE! Ok, sorry, I just rewatched Robin Hood Men In Tights and I’m all set up with word puns. So, my bad.

Since my love’s old home has finally been sold (still it sold quickly enough, but when you want to sell, better sooner than later right?), it became time to look for a new place. We had a few standards for our new place. It was going to be an apartment. It was going to be a rental (the idea of a mortgage has always give me goosebumps, and since the need of selling his house below value, my love understandably has lost his love for one as well).

Also, it should have something like a balcony so we would be able to sit outside, a second bedroom and a bathtub. It came last, but that bathtub is pretty darn essential to me. I have NEVER owned my own before, only when I was living at home, and am in dire need to. Winter and autumn can be cold here and a bathtub is a cure for almost all physical and mental ailments! Also, we needed a parking space and some room to store our costumes in.

As it has been in the past, luck seemed to be on our side. The first – and only! – apartment available in the area we wanted to live in was actually love at first sight. It was bright, spacey and has a great view from the top floor (fifth) of the park. It has a tub (check), an extra bedroom (check), parking space (check) and a great balcony overlooking the same park (double check!). It has a storage room, but we would have loved a little more. On the other hand, having more storage will only make us collect more stuff, so it might be a blessing to have to purge. It’s just the costumes that take up a lot of space. But we will manage!

So far it’s been great. We painted all the walls a bright white, the floor was left to us together with some build-in cabinets, so now we cannot wait to move in. A couple of our dear friends have helped us paint and move, and honestly, without them, we would never have come so far. Thank you so much darlings!

You are heroes! It was 38 degrees Celsius last Saturday, so I cannot express my gratitude to our friends still choosing to help us on those unmercifully hot days. Also, our whole city was obstructed by the start of the Tour de France, so we had to stay at my mums while working. It was annoying not being able to return to my home, but actually left us with an urge to work as hard as we could on our new place. So in hindsight, it was a blessing of sorts.

We recycled many of the lamps of my love’s old place, but wanted three gorgeous ones in the living room. As we were browsing through IKEA yesterday, we found some great lamps that fit perfectly together, although I didn’t imagine we’d find them there!Apparently they are all new in stock. One is an industrial one, which appears to be made of metal but secretly (and thankfully) it’s plastic. We don’t want the ceiling crashing down on us after all. The white one on the right was bought for the kitchen. The one in the middle was our secret crush.

I walked past it, loved it, didn’t dare to bring it up. Rick walked past it on multiple occasions earlier, loved it, didn’t dare to bring it up. It seems that we both were afraid the other would hate it. So I said carefully.. what do you think about that black one.. with the copper inside? Turns out he loves it.  Now, it’s the one lamp we haven’t been able to finish because in our excitement, we forgot to buy the socket. Actually, it wasn’t clear to us that it was sold separately in the first place. So, back to IKEA this evening.. and we’ll let you know!

So, I’ll return to packing my stuff in a moment. Unbelievable. Even though I’m a minimalist, I still have a crazy amount of stuff. Somehow, stuff get’s accumulated, even in the small time span of one year! So. Time to purge. But first, to move!

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